Makeup Mondays

Alright ladies, I have decided to go in some new directions with my hair blog. After frantically running around looking for my eyebrow pencil and unsure how I was going to go out in public without my brows on, I had a revelation: Makeup Monday's! Every Monday I will talk about a trick, tip or technique about makeup. I am in the beauty industry, right? I do love makeup, right? Yes and yes!  So with that, today I will be talking about my beloved eyebrow pencil.  

I use an eyebrow pencil called Fling by MAC.  Why is this a must? Well....I don't know about you, but when I was 13 years old, my mother wouldn't let me shave my legs let alone tweeze my eyebrows. (Sorry mom!) So what does a preteen naturally do? I found myself a razor anyway and started to shave my legs and then, get this....started to shave my brows. Ugh.....right? What the hell was I thinking? I obviously wasn't and had no idea that later in life I would be paying for it. My eyebrows would never be the same. They are super thin and I totally dislike them. Silly 13 year old Jenny!!

OK, OK....back to fling. This amazing eye brow pencil doesn't need a sharpener and helps fill in my brows without looking fake or heavily penciled in. LOVE! It's an absolute must! The color fling is for blondes but don't worry if you aren't a blonde, there are shades for you too. I will admit I was cracking up taking photos of my eyeballs, but you gotta admit that the results speak for themselves.  xo

 Without fling.

 With fling. Basically you want to fill in your eyebrows lightly with the eyebrow pencil to create whatever shape you are trying to achieve. 


13 year old Jenny with screwed up brows. Bhahahahaha — I can't believe I posted this. This is obviously when Glamor shots were "in"!  Do you remember those 15 years ago?

Oh, and 14 month old had my eyebrow pencil. That's what I get for letting her sit in my lap every morning while I apply my face. She's my little beauty queen in the making. And for the record, my sweet little girl Magnolia Skye, you will be getting your brows professionally done when you are ready.  xo

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