Day 24 Hair Challenge

Alright ladies, todays look is super simple. But, I'm going to give you tons of tips and advice for flat ironing hair the correct way. Straight hair is on its way back. We have been seeing straight hair on the runway, on celebs like Kim K, Ashley Greene, Olivia Wilde, and on the street. It's no secret that it will be popping up everywhere. I want to clue you in on some tips so that your hair maintains its integrity if you are going to be jumping on this trend.

Tip 1: Use good product!! 
It doesn't matter if your hair is thick, coarse, fine, blonde, afro texture, frizzy...Whatever! Get yourself a serum or a straightening balm. Most of them out there have an added heat protectant in them which is a must. (If you want healthy hair, that is.) I recommend
Elixir Ol-o Relax by Keratase (which Salon Stylush is carrying) or morracan oil.

Tip 2: Make sure your hair is 100% dry. 
I cannot tell you how many clients come in and have that one piece of their hair that is frizzy and fried. The majority of the time it's due to your hair having a little moisture in it — which basically steams your hair, therefore causing major damage! Eek! If your hair feels a little cool to touch, it's not dry ladies.

Tip 3: Use small sections. 
If you want flawless results, you must take small sections. If your hair is super frizzy or afro texture, work small sections from root to ends. My hair is fine and already pretty straight, so I take 2-3 inch sections. A typical flat iron section would be 1/2 inch to 1inch.

Tip 4: Use a comb. 
In this tutorial, I used a carbon comb. I combed my hair slowly in front of my iron to smooth the hair down. Some flat irons get super hot, so the comb in front takes the heat instead of your fingers. 

Tip 5: Work slowly. 
I know we are all in a rush, but if you want perfectly straight hair, work slow and steady. However, you don't want to pause too long or you can leave flat iron "dents".

My hair is super fine, so I can straighten it in under a few minutes. When flat ironing, you always want to be sure to start off with good products. Since I literally just need to skim through my hair a time or two, I don't apply that much heat to it, which means I don't need to use lots of products. But every head of hair is different. 

Products used were Ciment Thermique by Keratase & Spray shine by Catwalk. Again, I can get away with only using this heat protectant because my hair is super fine. If your hair is more coarse, I'd recommend the Elixir Ol-o Relax by Keratase (which Salon Stylush is carrying) or morracan oil. I applied the Ciment Thermique when my hair was damp and spray shine after it was ironed.

Carbon comb.  These kind of combs are heat and chemical resistant. Do I need to say more? They are AMAZING! :)

GHD flat iron. This is my absolute favorite flat iron. The rage use to be CHI, but they sold out and the quality (in my opinion) isn't good anymore.

Start with 100% dry hair.

Take small sections and use a carbon comb to comb through hair before going through with your iron.

Follow through to the top of your hair.

There you have it. Beautiful straight hair!! 

Thanks for checking out my hair blog!! Make today awesome!!

I wore colour saturation by MAC today on my lips. :)
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