Day 21 Hair Challenge

Thanks for checking out my hair blog! Today's look is a fun way to do a low pony tail. I added a soft twist to the side for some added fun and softness. Adding simple plaits or twists can help change the look of a boring updo or a ponytail, so this week I encourage you to give it a shot.  

Start with dry hair. If your hair is clean, add a light hairspray to it for texture.

Tease your hair.

Product used was "Sugar Dust" by Bedhead and "Masterpiece" hairspray by Bedhead.  The sugar dust is like "back combing" in a bottle. Apply a little at the roots and it gives you lots of lift.

Twist a section on each side of the hair.

Secure twisted sections with a bobbi pin.

Grab the rest of your hair and secure with a ponytail holder.  Here I did a lower ponytail.

Here's a photo of the back. I love how tousled and messy it looks. Unkept hair is so sexy to me. I hope you liked it! 

Thanks for checking out my hair blog!! I hope you liked this look. Make today exciting! Happy Friday. xo
Jenny StrebeComment