Spring clean up.

If you are itching for a change and not sure what to do, you can always do a few things that are very subtle, but make a big impact. Here are a few ideas to freshen up your look for spring/summer. 

Fringes: (aka bangs) Fringes can change your whole look. It can soften your look if you add a textured fringe; it can make you look edgy with a blunt or heavy fringe or just plain sexy with a side swoop fringe. 

Layers: A lot of people are scared of layers.  Well...if you fall into the category of people who are terrified of layers, you most likely have had them done incorrectly. Long layers are very in, but you want to make sure your stylist does soft seamless layers oppose to choppy thick layers. That way it just adds movement to your hair opposed to any heavy layers that are bulky and don't blend or move.

Color:  Color can change your whole mood if you want it too. Amber tones, burnt reds, carmel, beige blonde's and platinum tones are all the rage this spring/summer. Add a few more highlights for a brighter blonde or throw some contrasting tones in, like a carmel or a burnt red, to let some sass out.

Face framing layers: Adding a few layers around your face or letting layers grow out will help change your look in so many ways.  Adding the layers will create softness around your face. Ask your stylist which kind of face framing layers will be flattering to your face.  Or you can grow out your layers to get a grown-out bob feel.

 Short cut: Go for the gold and jump on the fun, short trends we are seeing on so many celebrities at the moment.

If these looks are too drastic for you or you can't make it to the hairstylist for awhile, try changing your part, curl your hair in a new way, add a plait for a change, do a hot top knot or style it out of the box for a fun.  If you need some inspiration for a new style idea then you can always refer back to my 30 day hair challenge to get inspired.  xo

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