Day 18 Hair Challenge

 Thanks for checking out my hair blog!  Ever wondered what a cute simple hairstyle would be while on vacation or on the go? This is the look for you — the simple side plait. I'm still on vacation and wanted to do something cute and easy while utilizing the curl I already had in it from yesterday's style.


Apply dry shampoo for texture, volume and to help with shine from dirty hair.

Start with wavy or curly hair. This is my hair one day after day 16 hair.

 Start with a severe side hair part.

Start a side braid on the side where your severe side part is.

Continue working down the side of your hair.

Continue braiding underneath a top section of your hair.

Sweep braid over to the side and under your hair and secure with bobbi pins.

There you have it. An easy style in minutes. Thanks for checking out my hair blog.  I hope you like it! xo

Jenny Strebe1 Comment