Day 17 Hair Challenge

Thanks for checking out my hair blog! Today is my rocker chic hair.  I'm out of town at the moment and had fun raiding my friend's hair product closet so I could do another style for you all. I hope you like it! xo

 Since I'm on vacation with my daughter, I didn't want to bring all of my goodies from home. Me and my daughter's shoes was higher on the priority list then a million different hair tools.  Instead, I decided to raid my friend Natalia's vanity.  She had some of the BB Texture creme.  It gives a gritty feel to your texture.  I wanted to use it for volume.

Start with slightly damp hair and apply a dime size amount of the BB creme
and blow dry in.

This 1 inch curling iron was a good find in her vanity. I wrapped my hair around the iron going away from my face. I curled random 1 to 3 inch sections because I didn't want my hair to have a perfect finish to it.

 Still working away from the face to the top of my head

Spray the product below for texture.

 I used a dry shampoo and a sea salt spray to add lots of texture & volume.

There you have it. My rocker chic hair!! Thanks for checking out  my hair blog.  Make today special!
Jenny StrebeComment