Day 16 Hair Challenge


OK, so I'm on vacation at the moment and wanted to do some really simple hairdo's as I would rather spend my time with the wonderful company.  With that, today's look is a classic french twist. I'm in Salt Lake City at the moment and its been very warm so I decided I wanted it off my face.  Lately I've been seeing lots of variations of the french twist.  You can dress it up or dress it down depending on what you are wearing.  The french twist is so timeless and with a little modernizing can be fashionable at anytime. I hope you like it!  xo 

Start with dry, preferably dirty hair.

I like to add a little hairspray like "Materpiece" by bedhead for texture.

Backcomb hair for height and texture.

Pull hair back like you are going to add a low pony and twist hair from roots to ends work up the head.

Secure hair into place with bobbi pins.

Here I'm showing the twist before I fold it in.

Fold your twisted ends into your hair and fold hair that is on right side over the twist to hide the your hair and secure with bobbi pins
Secure with bobbi pins

Continue securing french twist with bobbi pins up into the top of you head.

There you have it. You could go through and smooth with spray shine and a comb but I prefer it on the messy side. 

I hope you like my classic french twist.  Thanks for checking out my hair blog!!

Have a wonderful day! xo
Jenny StrebeComment