Day 19 Hair Challenge

Thanks for checking out my hair blog! Today's hair style is an alternative way to a low volume wave.  This look can be both casual or dressy. 

 Start with dry clean hair.

 I used a 1 1/4inch hot tools curling iron on medium setting.

 I did 3 large sections for this look because I didn't want much volume to the curls.

Make sure you clamp down in the middle of your section and hold the curling iron horizontal.  Once you work your ends into the curling iron, immediately release so that you don't get too much curl on the ends.

Here I'm still working up the head. This section I made sure not to curl too close to the roots, or that would cause volume.

I finished it off with some "Master piece" hairspray by bedhead.

There you have it. Low volume curls.  I hope you like it!! Thanks for checking out my hair blog!  Make today special!
Jenny StrebeComment