New Product Alert: Use Me Hair

New Product Alert! Use Me Hair

New product line alert! And guys it's a good one!

My friend Devin Graciano recently launched Use Me Hair and I'm so excited to tell you more about it. If you saw my most recent must haves post, you already know I love this brand and want to tell everyone about it!

The concept is to make it easy for consumers to use products by putting straight-forward steps and order of use right on the packaging ("Use me first", "Use me second", etc). Genius!

Use Me offers a number of unique functions including (but definitely not limited to!):

·   Simplified step-by-step instructions on the packaging
·   Illustrations of proper product amount
·   USDA-certified organic ingredients from LaDove, Inc.
·   Made in the USA
·   Cruelty-free
·   Gluten-free
·   Salon professional results
·   Effective for all hair types

And here's a little more info about Use Me:

With Use Me, say goodbye to confusing instructions and chemically-altered ingredients. All of the line’s products are safe to use on Keratin, or chemically-treated hair, and hair extensions, are self-adapting and created with natural and certified organic ingredients. The healing properties of the organic ingredients will rejuvenate your broken, dull or dry locks, while rebalancing your natural scalp oils. All of Use Me products are hand-crafted in a USDA-certified organic lab to reach your hair’s maximum potential by following simple, easy-to-use steps.

Be sure to check out the entire line of products here and follow along on insta for updates!