Textured Braid By Tracy Melton

I'm obsessing over this textured braid. The mastermind behind this stunning braid is the ever so talented Tracy Melton Artistry  Tracy is an on location hairstylist and makeup specialist in the Dallas & Fort Worth area and I've had the pleasure in coming across her instagram feed and instantly feel in love with her work and judging by the above photos you can tell why.

Her and I are what I like to call Insta buddies where we are always complementing each others work, and luckily for me she was ever so kind to share with you all how she achieved this gorgeous textured braid  Be sure to read her easy how-to below but most importantly you have to check out her website and follow her Instagram feed  for all sorts of inspirational pictures.

Textured Braid How-To
 1. Start out by generously spraying your hair with dry shampoo for texture and grit.
2. Curl the entire head with a 1 1⁄4” curling iron. I sectioned off the hair and curled from the bottom up, taking varying sizes of hair to curl (1-2” sections) to create more texture and variety in the curls.
 3. Once the whole head is curled, spray a little texturizing spray and backcomb the bottom layers of the hair, lightly, to give her fine hair more bulk.
 4. Gather hair over one shoulder and begin a traditional braid. Finish with an elastic.
 5. To make the braid textured with a messy, lived-in look, begin pulling sections of the braid out (loosening the braid). By pulling different sections of the braid out more than others, you make a simple braid more interesting and complex.
6. Rub your palms on the sides of the head around the temple to loosen up the face framing hairs and let them fall naturally.
7. To polish off the look, I took a small strand of hair from the tail of the braid and wrapped it around the elastic to conceal it.
8. Then finish off with a medium hold hairspray.

So simple right? If you are a bride in the Dallas area I highly suggest you check out my girl Tracy.