Bright Lip Tutorial W/SN Makeup Artist

Check out my girl Stephanie from SNmakeup artists post on how to get the perfect bright lip. And for you guys that don't know, Stephanie is my makeup contributor who also has her own blog HERE that you have to check out. But for now, get the scoop on how to get the perfect lip and watch her tutorial below. 

Products Stephanie Used
MAC 252 and 242 brushes
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
OCC Lip Tars in Mannequin and Pleasure Model
MAC lip liner in Magenta 

Step 1- Using a natural hair eyeshadow brush, like MAC's #252, apply a think layer of MAC's Painterly Paint Pot eye primer all over the entire lip. It will nude your natural lip color, it will help you get crisp lip lines, and it will help hold your color on. One of my favorite techniques!

 Step 2- For a fun bright color try the OCC Lip Tar in Mannequin. Apply a very small amount of the Lip Tar on your lip with a smaller eyeshadow brush. Try MAC's #242 the baby sister to the #252. Lip Tars are extremely pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. The less you use, the better!

 Step 3- Now that your lips have an even coverage of the Mannequin Lip Tar, lets add some some colorful dimension with a lip liner! MAC's Magenta lip liner is amazing because not only is it bright and fun but it s a little bit deeper too which is great for a contoured yet bright lip. Start on the outer corners of your lips and line the lips. Using the body of the lip liner (not the tip) softly shade in the corners of the mouth. This will look crazy before it looks good! We are blending this next.

 Step 4- Go back to your #242 brush. Clean any excess product off your brush then softly start blending the Magenta lip liner into the center of the lip. The center should still be brighter than the outer corners but the fade should be effortless.

 Step 5- To make the center pop even more we are going to take a tiny amount of the Pleasure Model Lip Tar and with our clean #242 brush we are going to pop it right in the center of the lip. Pop it on your bottom lip and before blending softly press your lips together. Then with your brush fade the highlighted center into the shaded corners.

 Voila! Now you have a fun bright ombre effect lip. Doesn't it look so great! And don't forget to jump over to her blogInstagram and subscribe to Stephanies YouTube channel HERE.