How To Use Clip In Extensions

The other week the ever so talented stylist Alex from got ahold of me because she needed me for some of my hairstylist skills. Irresistable Me hair extentions  had given her some luscious long locks to play around with and she needed a bit of help. I immediately jumped on the opportunity so that I can help my girl out as well as I got to see her pretty face.

Clip in extensions are pretty easy to use, but if you don't have a professional blend them with the right type of layers they can look pretty choppy and lets get real…they can look cheap. Theres nothing worse than a bad weave my friends. Now, Alex has natural curls to die for but her natural curls are really hard to replicate. So we gave her a smooth blow out and skimmed over with an iron before putting the extensions in.

When applying these types of extensions, its important to tease the hair at the root where you are wanting to clip the extension to. This will prevent the clip from slipping off of the root area and really help to secure it into place.

I then added some light texture and seamless layering to her hair to help blend her layers she already had in her hair. Didn't it look amazing? Alex is so cute and can do no wrong, but it was fun seeing her with smooth long hair for the first time.

Alex has always dreamed of long locks but she kept it realistic and since her hair is above shoulder length, and so after a consultation we decided to cut the extensions a couple of inches past her collar bone. Doesn't it look awesome??