EO Eco Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are following me on Instagram, you probably noticed that I went on a little vacation. Sometimes I wish I could be a normal blogger for a day and tell you all about my wonderful 10 day vacation packed with lots of love, laughter and an occasional good cry. But instead with being a hair blogger I feel like no one really cares that much about what I do unless its hair related. So good thing I came across this fun little hotel on the coast of Long Beach, Washington that had the coolest Eco friendly shampoo and conditioner by EO.

As you know by now the little things excite me. I stayed in a uber Eco friendly yet modern hotel on the beach called Adrift Hotel and Spa. I was immediately drawn to this place after reading about it online and knew It was a place I wanted to stay. Not only was the decor right up my alley, the customer service, restaurant and hair products were phenomenal.

One of the best part about staying at this place was the hair care products in the bath room. Weird, I know! Usually hotels give you dinky bottles of some cheap product that doesn't even work well. Adrift hotel actually leaves a full size shampoo and conditioner in the tub for you in good faith that you will leave it there for the next guest. Say what!!?? How cool is that!! Adrift trys keeping it real Eco friendly by allowing their guest to use what they need in hopes that in good faith their customers will leave it for the next person. No…this doesn't usually happen in America I know! The even had bikes, DVDs and board games for loan in exchange of no collateral. I haven't seen this type of trust since I've been to Australia and fruit stands are on the honor system.

So here's a bottle of Eco friendly shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom and you know me…I just had to try it out! The kind I got to try out during my stay was the Sweet Orange Clarifying shampoo and the Rose Geranium & Citrus conditioner. Both of these products have beneficial ingredients to gently cleanse hair.  With both of them containing sweet orange essential oil to help revive the hair and refresh the hair its no wonder my hair felt silky smooth after using these bad boys. So you can only imagine I fell madly in love with these products. And I might just pick up some for myself sometime. I believe I've seen it at whole foods or other natural health food stores. Loving this product and know you will too!