Half Up Twisted Braid Style tutorial

Where are all of my curly haired friends at because this half up twisted braid hairstyle tutorial is for you.  I've been getting a lot of requests for some hair inspiration for women who have long curly hair and I came up with the perfect hairstyle! Have straight hair and feeling left out? Don't be sad…this hairstyle will work well for you to. The hairstyle I'm talking about is the half up twisted braid style.

Yes, the name is a mouth full,  but its gorgeous and is really easy to do. My model is actually my lovely aestician and friend Breanna from Healthy Skin AZ. Here's my little Breanna plug, but she is the reason why my skin is looking so good these days. She has her own skin care line and its amazing! OK, back to her hair….Breanna has gorgeous but thick locks that are to die for and so by adding twists to her hair it helps reduce some of her bulk while keeping her look stylish. Don't believe me? Watch the below video and see for yourself.