Dreaming in Pastel

With fall right around the corner and fresh on my mind, pastel colors are still in my heart. One of spring and summers biggest trends this year was pastel hair color. Leave it to some of my favorite celebrities like Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborn to help this trend go hard. Now, just because all of us will soon be dreaming of fall tones in the upcoming weeks, doesn't mean you girls can't rock the pastel trend now. One of falls most anticipated hair colors will be platinum with a gun metal gray tone as well as a lilac.

Now, you may have remembered my post about my new friend and makeup contributor Stephanie Nieheisel. Well, this my friends is the first project that her and I creatively collaborated on and I have to  say we made some major magic. Make sure to check out her makeup blog HERE for lots of makeup inspiration and be sure to come back on Mondays to check out her makeup ways on my blog.

And I can forget to give some major props to the women behind the camera Tiffany. This shoot was shot by the ever so talented Tiffany Egbert who I just had the amazing opportunity to meet and work with. Her work is soft, whimsical and was the PERFECT photographer  for this shoot that Stephanie and I dreamt up. I mean…..who keeps perfect vintage gowns around

Cassie Brooks modeled in this shoot and was so sweet to let me take her pastel by using Label M's powder sprays. If you're not familiar with this product you need to be, and if you want to learn how to use it, drop by my YouTube Tutorial on it.

So what do you girls think? Loving this trend too? Will you be dreaming in Pastel tonight?