Pink Ombre Hair

When I first saw Xiao Li models from London Fashion Week grace the runway sporting pink hair, I knew immediately that I needed to get my hands on some of that pink powder spray that they used and I needed it fast. The pink powder spray I'm talking about is by Label M and its pretty amazing stuff.

This powder spray gives the perfect cotton candy pink and the best part about it is that its temporary. So I can have all the fun with pink I want and it will wash out as fast as I put it in.

The powder spray is very easy to use and it gives the hair a nice textured feel. The texture of my hair feels like I put some stiff dry shampoo in it. And if you've following me for awhile, you know I love me some texture.

In my above video, I demonstrate how you can easily use the powder spray and how you can create a fresh ombre look with it. Will you be rocking pink hair soon?