Perfect Summer Ponytail

Who doesn't want to figure out cute ways to wear their hair up and out of their face during the hot months of summer. If you are anything like me, that usually means I throw it up in a a quick top knot or a fresh summer ponytail. After a few times, it can get a bit boring so that's why I wanted to come up with the perfect summer ponytail, the braided back pony.

This hairstyle is definitely one of those styles where it can seem a bit complicated, but its very achievable right at home and without a visit to the hair salon. You can also tweak this look like Rachel Zoe did for a disheveld texture by loosening the braid to make it look a bit messy and pull to one side instead of the center.  If you like her finished result, just gently pull the braid out with a tiny bit of hairspray and you're good to go.

What are you waiting for friends? Go grab your elastics and a bobby pin so we can get started.