Look Younger With A Good Haircut

OK, so I usually don't post about my clients, even though I'm not a Dr, I feel like its because the whole "client confidentially" thing. But after this amazing mini makeover, how could I not? This client has been coming to me off and on for years. Her daughter is my regular and she was finally able to talk her mom into letting me get my hands into her hair.

This client is sassy and young at heart. The long bob thing wasn't working well for her as you can see above. Can you you see what a difference a simple haircut made? It literally took 10-15 years off as well as made her look trendy.

You may of all heard the saying women past 65 shouldn't have long hair, and I gotta say that its 98% true. While there are some rare occasions that long hair looks hot on older women, most of the time it doesn't.  Plus with a sassy do, it makes older women look hip and modern.

Reason why in most cases you should go short if you are past 65 is that it actually drags your face down. Notice the before pic of my client, her length is around collar bone and where it lays is actually dragging down her face. After we did a little Kris Jenner inspired pixie, it brought everything up. Now her haircut draws attention to her gorgeous face and not to mention, makes her look sassy which suits her personality.

So yes, if you are over the age of 65 this is the perfect time to try something out of the box and do something a little sassy. If you have ever wanted to chop your hair into a sassy bob or funky pixie, I say give it a shot. Why not? You have nothing to lose except for you might end up beating the young guys off with a stick because you will most likely look 15 years younger.

Its pretty amazing what a good hair cut can do for you and I just had to share this hot mamas story. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the plunge my hot ladies over 60.