How to get the perfect hair set

Hey friends, this tutorial has been highly suggest by all of my fans out there that know that I usually start off all up do's by a simple hair set. Hair sets are really important when working with a hairstyle that requires volume, hold and texture. Hair sets are what give you perfect foundation to help take your upstyle to the next level.

I suggest blow drying some mousse or spray gel in your hair prior to give it extra hold. Then section off your hair from starting at the nape of the neck, use a 1 1/4 curling iron and clamp down at the root while easing the hair through the irons hair tong. After the hair is eased through the tong, hold it on there for a few minutes, release and pin into place with a curl clip. You want to repeat this technique throughout the hair and then allow it to cool down.

After its cooled down, release your clips for tons of volume. After you release the hair, feel free to create a fun up style look with your new voluminous locks. Make sure to tune into next week for the fun up style I create with these big curls.