Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all of my amazing moms out there. Last year I was blessed with my second child Indy Chance who is now 11 months and I couldn't be more thrilled to be the mom to these little ones. Its been such a joy to watch my sweet Magnolia play with her little brother. I couldn't imagine life with out the both of them.

Life as being a mom to an infant, a toddler filled energy on top of being a hairstylist, vlogger and an entrepreneur has been extremely tough to manage these days. But I wouldn't change a thing. Although I'm quite busy, I do everything for my kids and they 100% come first.  When my son Indy gets to be a little bit older, I'm sure I'll have him in a part time school, so that he can socialize and mama can get a break here and there.

When that day comes, Ill get back to posting more on my blog like I once was. But I want to say that  I appreciate all of my viewers who come back each and everyday. You all know who you are. Without you guys I wouldn't be doing any of this and I truly feel blessed.

 But today, I'm sitting here reflecting these past few years of being a mom to these wonderful babes on this  gorgeous Mothers day. I'm really enjoying every second with the loves of my life and I hope you are all doing the same. Love to you all!

Photography by Sarah Bishop
Pictures taken at the historic Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, AZ