Wanting to go to NYFW

This is one of those posts where you wake up in the morning and you have so much on your mind you just have to get it out or it will literally drive you insane. I'm very thankful for my blog today because it's almost like a place for a good healthy venting session. At this point you are probably wondering why the heck I have the all the editorial hair pictures. Well, I took these pictures on my Instagram account for a styling competition that Keratase USA was doing.

Kerastase was holding their instagram competition all of the month of October. To enter, you had to team up with one of your clients, find an inspirational style, recreate it and make it your own on one of your clients by using all of Kerastases new couture styling products. The winner and their client goes to New York Fashion Week and the stylist gets to work along side legendary hairstylist Odile Gilbert. Which would be a life long dream come true.

When I heard about this competition I got so giddy inside it wasn't even funny. Going to NYFW has always been a lifelong goal of mine. A matter of fact, when I was in beauty school I created a NYC fund out of a gigantic empty tub of conditioner. I think when I departed to Europe I finally got rid of that thing, but I had it for about 7 years or so. So you can only imagine that after the contest was announced, I immediately started to fantasize about what fun hairstyles I wanted to create and getting a chance to go to NYFW.

I was told that we could enter as many entries as we wanted, I even went to the official rules page on Facebook and the link was broken. The cute blonde in the pictures above named Tayler, even went to the rules page in my stylist chair and the link was broken. NO biggie, I would just enter as many as I could.

 The day the finalist were announced I of course was crushed to hear that I didn't make it into the finals. But thought that's OK because I was really proud of the hair I created. I've been really sharpening my eye lately (which is for a whole other post)  and I was proud of my editorial, yet clean styles. After checking out the finalist page, I saw a comment about how you could only enter once or you were disqualified. NOOOOO......that comment created an instant knot in my stomach. How could I have missed that when I tried several times to look at the official rules. I quickly began to look over the Kerastase FB page for rules. Sure enough, I was only suppose to enter once or it was an immediate disqualification from all entries. How could I have missed that. Not saying that I would have made it to the finals, but I didn't even have a chance. 

Some of the styles I produced weren't as strong as others. I just started entering a bunch of entries thinking I could. If I had an extra 10-15 minutes of time with a client, I did a fast updo. It was really boosting my morale because I was getting to do editorial hair, which is hair I like to do best. And my clients were loving it!

So even though my experience left me heartbroken, I took away a couple of things. One is that I really need to get back into doing editorial and two is that I need to get my little Heinie to New York Fashion Week one way or another. So if anyone has any creative ways or wants to help me achieve that goal, I'm all ears.