Hairstylist Baller Shears

To all my hairdresser peeps, mama just got her first pair of big girl shears! Yup, first time. It's almost embarrassing to say that out loud and of course embarrassing to say it to the whole world! But yes world, I've been doing hair for 13 years and barely just got a pair of some big baller shears. The pair I invested in are the Hattori Hanzo Shears which are made out of Japanese steel baby!

My last pair were alright, I mean...they got me through the last 12 years, but quality wise they weren't top of the line. One of my shears were a pair I won during a beauty school cutting competition. But the pair I just got are so flipping amazing they basically cut hair themselves...well, not really but they should because they aren't cheap, but worth every penny in the investment! 

I like long shears because I do a lot of dry cutting as well as scissor over comb with my male clients, so I picked up the Menuki  in 6.5 length. Theses bad boys are extremely lite weight and work well for blunt cutting as well as dry point cutting, which I do a lot of. I also picked up a pair of the Kime in length 6.0 which this shear emphasizes a bit more on dry cutting. Which any client of mine know that I love to do.

Not only are my new shears the shizznet, the company is great for newbies because they offer a no interest payment plan. Yup, you've heard me can take one of these bad boys home for little to nothing and make payments. Why didn't I invest in these a lot sooner! I'm still shocked about admitting this. 

Loving my new shears, and if you are looking on the market for some good quality shears, you will love you some Hattori Hanzo Shears too!