Working With The Confessions Of A Hairstylist

Hello my lovely peeps!! Think you're a good fit for working along side of The Confessions of A Hairstylist? I love working with hair brands in a variety of ways. So far through my YouTube Channel and blog I've worked with brands like Conair, Amika, GHD, Kerastase, Indie Hair Products, Toppik, and Babyliss.

Below are a few examples on how we can partner up.

  •  Hair Tutorial Videos or Visual Step by Steps utilizing your product or tools and showing my audience how to use them in the proper way.
  •  Sponsored posts: This would include product reviews and/or how-tos. Sponsored conference attendance: I would love to represent your brand at a hair-related conference. 
  • Brand travel and events: I would love to travel on behalf of my favorite brands to learn more about the company and to promote the brand with my readers through posts and social media attention. 
  •  Product reviews and giveaways: If you think you have a hair product or hair tool that would be a good fit for The Confessions of A Hairstylist feel free to email me for details. 
  • Want me to try out your hair tool/product, or beauty product? Please feel free to send them to: Attn: Jenny @ Salon Stylush 6925 E. 5th Ave Suite 104 Scottsdale, AZ 85281.
  •  Advertisements: Advertise your brand on The Confessions of A with a variety of ad options listed below:

 Here are some of my stats as of Oct 1st 2013.

  307 Blogger Followers 
1017 Facebook Followers
 483 Twitter Followers
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  5077+ YouTube Subscribers
 434,700 Total views since April 2012 

 Disclaimer for my viewers: I will only endorse or work with products or hair tools that I 100% percent believe in. This is something that is very important to me.