Thick Hair Dilemma

Hey loves!! I had such a wonderful weekend working and relaxing but now I'm getting back in the grove of things and answering your questions! Today's question is from Jemima. This is what she emailed in:

Hello Jenny, I just found your blog today, and I absolutely love the hairstyles and tutorials! I especially love the low bun styles, but my hair is really really thick and I can never get the buns into shape, or if I manage, they never stay up for long and are really heavy and unwieldy even. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you! Jemima xx

Jemima, thank you so much for your question!! This is an EXCELLENT question because I feel that I've been having tons of ladies ask me about the same thing! You are so beautiful and very lucky for having such gorgeous hair! Now, lets talk about how to manage it. 

First of all, it looks not only long but very thick and coarse. A lot of the time when women have coarse black hair, it is usually a silky texture. Silky hair looks lustrous but it's very hard to keep it up and in place. I'd suggest either coarsening your hair texture up by chemical texturing aka coloring it or by the use of products. Believe it or not, but a little peroxide is good for the hair because it will rough up the cuticle and add a bit of texture to the hair. When the hair has texture, it will stay into place better and longer, because silky hair is more prone to falling out from the slickness of it.

 Not keen on chemically texturizing your hair? There are tons of products that will help temporarily texturize your hair. Some of these products are gels, mousses and hairsprays. These products will allow the hair to have a bit of grip to the hair. Apply a little bit of mousse or gel to your hair while damp and blow dry in. You will immediately feel the texture change.

Styles that work well for the thick haired lady in general are braids. Try braiding your hair before throwing it in your low bun. This will keep the thick/long hair in a form, allowing it to stay put. 

Also, don't cheap out on the brand of bobbi pins you use. Get a professional grade bobbi. This will help hold your hair into place all day because the professional ones are stronger! I also know a lot of women who have thick locks that have a lot of luck with Spin Pins. Also, I'd recommend doubling up on your elastics and simply wrap the hair in a bun and twist the spin pin in to secure it. 

Jemima, I really hope I helped answer your hair dilemma! Thanks so much for your question!! 

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