Theradome Laser Helmut

I can't tell you how many women and men I see on a weekly basis that suffer from hair loss. There are roughly 80 million people in the USA who suffer from hair loss, and approximately 40 million women. Wow, that's a lot!!

Recently TheradomeTM contacted me to do this article, and I'm glad they did since there are so many people suffering from extremely embarrassing hair loss, and this is the perfect way to treat your hair loss in the convenience of your own home for an affordable price. Theradome has been cleared for both safety and efficacy by the FDA

This product can be used by men or women who suffer from male and female pattern baldness, or due to stress or medications, menopausal changes, or hormonal hair loss. That pretty much covers every single reason why people can suffer hair loss.

This product can work for ANY hair color, ANY hair type, ANY skin type. The Theradome laser helmet is not only for hair loss, is it used by many for volumizing and improving the quality of one’s hair, which last several months. When using the Theradome laser helmet, hair looks shinier and split ends show remarkable improvement after only a few treatments.

As of right now, TheradomeTM is taking specially discounted advance orders via After only 18 treatments about 88% of Theradome laser helmet users reported that it thickens existing hair and strengthens it. This seems too good to be true!

There are over 1500 published scientific and peer- reviewed papers on low laser therapy which proves that it works and the Theradome laser helmet has the safest wavelength for hair follicles.

 The TheradomeTM will initially be available on Indiegogo for a low introductory price. This is limited time! So make sure to pre-order your Laser Helmet HERE today!

 Right now on Indiegogo if  they reach their goal of raising $350,000, they will give away 5 pink laser helmets to patients recovering from chemotherapy! Anybody recovering from chemo can enter the drawing.

Make sure to check it out HERE and buy one today HERE!

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