My Busy Hairdresser/Mom life

How is everyone doing?? I feel like I've been posting away, but haven't gotten personal for awhile. Life couldn't be better at the moment! Sometimes I wish that there were more hours in the day, so that I can get everything that I need to get done, DONE! But other than that, life is grand. I've been really busy being a second time mom to my son Indy and extemely busy with being a hairstylist in and outside of the salon.

I also just got back from taking the kiddos to Disneyland. It was me and the hubby's five year anniversary and every year we make a special trip to the beach. This year we stayed in Oceanside, California. I wasn't a huge fan of Oceanside, but we stayed right on the beach which made our little vacation a little marvelous. We commuted to Seaworld one day, and Disneyland the next. Above is a fun pic right before the night parade at Disneyland. And yup, I'm the total dork that wears Mickey gear! If only I had found the mad hatter earlier in the day, I would have been rocking those fun Mickey ears as well! Now, Oceanside and Disneyland weren't as extravagant as what me and the husband were once used to, but it was just what my family needed. And we had a blast! It's so much fun re living Disneyland through your kids. I'm pretty sure I got teary eyed when my daughter met Cinderella. (Her favorite princess of course)  

Lately I'm finding that I go in and out of having a hard time to balance everything out. Please tell me that I'm not the only one. I want to take some time to thank everyone of you. Thank you for being patient with me, as I transition into my new busy schedule and I especially wanted to let you all know, that I've been working really hard to expand my hairstylist knowledge.

 And to prove my hard work, below is a pic from a braiding class that I've recently taken. The braiding class was through Kerastase and boy did I learn a lot! The class was a 2 day course where the first day you learn the basics and then the next day you get into the more advanced braiding technique utilizing what you learned the previous day. And tonight I'm attending a ponytail class. Yup, a pony tail class. How hard are pony's? Well, I'll let you know. I've been doing hair for over twelve years now, and I'm sure I can pick up a little trick here and there at the class tonight. I put my ego aside, and learn as much as I can. Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you aren't already and I'll share what I've learned. I'm constantly trying to expand my craft for all of my loves who come back each and every week to read up on what I'm sharing. Enjoy the pic below from the braiding class and believe me, there will be lots of braiding tutorials in the near future.

I've also recently rocked some fun hairstyles for Channel 3TV's fashion segment. I'll be doing hair this Wednesday as well. Below are some pics from last weeks segment. These particular pictures are of a more "professional" hairstyle look. Enjoy!

And if I haven't been busy enough, I recently just filmed some fun "hair how-tos" on some of the hottest looks from NYFW 2014. It was so hard to pick what styles I wanted to do, as there were so many gorgeous looks to choose from. Now, be on the look out because this Wednesday I will be releasing the first one, so make sure and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for a fresh hair tutorial every week. Also, if there are any looks you would love for me to recreate, please don't hesitate to ask! 

So there you have it, that's what this mama hairstylist has been up to. A LOT!! What has everyone else been up to? Anyone have tips on how to balance life out?? ha!