Tangle Problem At Night?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend. I sure did, we didn't really do much since I've been waiting around for baby boy to finally want to come into this world. We just kind of hung out and did a little BBQ and that was perfect for me. Today's "Ask Jenny" post is from a anonymous viewer.

I have a question for you :) I have fine, bleached platinum hair that is about collarbone length. I sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep it from getting too tangly at night but am still having problems with it tangling and breaking as my hair is so fragile. Is it safe for my hair to wear it up in a scrunchy at night or could this cause more breakage? thanks for your help!-Anonymous

Hey there!! Thank you so much for you question. This one is an easy one. Scrunchies might be a thing of the 90's but they are perfectly safe for you hair, especially at night. They are really soft allowing you to move your head with out pulling the hair out of your pony tail. Hair will naturally come loose out of your scrunchy oppose to pulling it out which causes more breakage. And here's a confession of my own, I wear scrunchies to the gym. Yup, that's right. I hope I never get recognized but I totally rock a scrunchy at the gym for the simple reason that it doesn't pull on my hair when I'm on the cross trainer.

You could even use a Hair Tie. I like hair ties by Glitter Revivial. Hair ties are like the new wave scrunchies. They are super adorable and they don't pull or tug on the hair like regular elastics. So I'd suggest you getting some hair scrunchies which you can pick up an any local drugstore or Target or order some fancy hair ties for night time.