Confessions Of A Pregnant Hairstylist

Well you've asked for more personal posts, so here it is. Doesn't get more personal than this. I'm officially 40 weeks pregnant and not looking like I'm going to have this baby anytime soon. I'll go as long as I can until its dangerous to the baby before I chose to let Dr's medically intervene. As of right now I have a really stellar midwife and we are hoping that I go into natural labour so that I can have the delivery I desire, so cross your fingers that I can have the birth I want.

Unfortunately with my daughter Magnolia, I had to get medically induced at 42 weeks, so I'm thinking for some reason my body really likes holding onto babies or maybe its the other way around, that babies like to hold onto me. But regardless, I'm my happiest when I'm pregnant and maybe that's the problem. I love the feeling and going through the process of growing another person inside of me. It's truly one of lifes biggest miracles.

Even though I don't judge others for their choices on child birth, I do plan on going unmedicated if possible and I'm trying to not medically intervene. I'm having a bit of deja vu this pregnancy as my last, because  I got the same kind of negative responses when telling people I'm trying to ride it out until my son decides to come. I don't judge when women schedule inductions or cesareans so why would people judge me? Shouldn't I let my son stay comfy while he develops as much as he possibly can before I try forcing him out? It's crazy that I'm considered the "abnormal" one when really I'm doing what my body already knows and wants to do. Now of course there are situations where women have to have doctors medically intervene and I 100% respect that or any other women's decision in their delivery for that matter. Different opinions is what makes the world go around after all.

So wish me luck and send good baby having vibes my way in the next couple weeks as I ride out this long pregnancy, and don't worry, after my sweet bundle of joy enters the world, I'll definitely do a post on it. And hopefully he has hair that his mama can play with it. That's why he's going to be late you know... he's growing out some hair. Cross your fingers, hopefully the little tike has some.