Mousse, Not Just A Product Of The 80's

I had a lovely viewer the other week ask me to elaborate on all my essential styling products. I felt that there is soooo much to say on this topic that I'm going to go over a product at a time. This week I'm going to go over mousses. Mousse has gotten a bad rep in the last decade or so. Women usually associate these products with big 80's hair, or permed hair. And yes, its true...Mousses and gels is what all of our favorite rock n rollers of the 80's used to use to get major volume, along with a little teasing of the hair of course. But just because these products were used in the 80's, doesn't mean that we can't use them now. Lets go over these products and why they are a styling must have for me.

Ever wonder how celebrities hair hold up so well during award ceremonies? I guarantee that most of them have some kind of base product like a mousse in there hair for texture, volume and hold.

What is texture? I use the word texture a lot. The texture of your hair is how it feels. It could be silky, soft, coarse, waxy or stiff. When I use the word texture, I'm referring to the hair feeling like it has some grit to it. It could be grit from a mousse, wax or hairspray. Or you can add texture to the hair by adding  a slight wave or curl to it. This gives it "texture" because the hair is curled or waved when it is usually isn't so the hair has some grip to it. You ladies with curly hair have it easy when it comes to upstyles holding, because you have loads of texture. It's harder to put your hair up into an updo or braid when your hair is super silky and with a bit of curl or product in it, it gives it texture in order for the upstyle to hold all night long. Still with me?? 

Mousse is mainly known for giving the hair volume. It helps plump up the cuticle and when using it near the roots, you can achieve some massive amounts of volume that will last all day, night and possible a few days after. If you hair is limp from being to fine, to thick, a heavy a mousse product can be your best friend with the amount of volume you can get from it. Just apply generously all over and concentrate on the root area, blow dry the opposite way that you want to lay and instant volume. I swear you can achieve a beauty bar blow out at home with a little bit of mousse.

Have problems with hold in your hair? You can almost skip the whole process of needing to hair spray your hair if you have mousse in it. You will instantly be amazed at how well your hair will hold a curl if you've blow dried some mousse in it previously. Don't believe me? Give it a shot and thank me later ladies

Now I don't use a mousse or a gel in my everyday hair routine, but anytime I do a tutorial or have a wedding or a function to attend, I always use my trusty hair mousse. Mousse not only gives me tons of texture and hold, it makes my hair more moldable for the hairstyles I choose. 

So if you are lacking volume, texture and hold. I definitely suggest busting out your old 80's hair mousse and giving it another shot. I prefer Volumeactive by Keratase mousse when I need some major lift and hold that will last me all night long. Do you have a favorite mousse??