Final Countdown

When I was pregnant with my first child Magnolia who now is 2, the last few weeks were crazy because I had no idea when she would be born. I remember posting on my FaceBook it's the final countdown to her birth and had this stupid song stuck in my head. The sweet Kez from My Little Runaway Blog reminded me of that dang song on Instagram and now I have it stuck in my head, so for fun I decided to post it because I'm now over 38weeks pregnant and its "The Final Countdown" to my sons birth. Too funny!

And how awesome was their hair?? I totally rocked a perm in the 80's. But then again, who didn't. I even had my fringe permed. But I will say, that how easy were perms? A little mousse or gel, scrunch and diffuse for volume or leave when wet and you were set. Wish hair could be that easy these days. 

Oh, and I'm sorry if this song is stuck in your head now too.