Fringes for the Heart Shaped Face

I'm going to start this weekend off by doing a little Q & A. This weeks "Ask Jenny's" post is from this beautiful little blonde named Jess. She's wanting to change up her look by adding a fringe. This is what she wrote in:

Hi jenny!!! I love your blog and all the hair advice. :) I just found your blog and was looking through old posts, when I saw your post(s) about face shape. I'm bored with my hair and would like to get bangs/side bangs. Could you please advise me on what bangs you think I should get?-Jess

Jess, thanks so much for your question!! First of all, you are the cutest!! Judging from the picture you have emailed in, it looks like you have a heart shaped face. I'm only saying that due to your adorable, prominent chin. The heart shaped face is wider at the forehead and narrow at the chin.  The type of fringe that works best is the long fringe that hits below the chin, or a wispy fringe. Just make sure you avoid fringes that are cut too wide. This will make your forhead appear larger and no women wants that. 

I'd say go for a long, sassy and wispy fringe! I personally think you should do a fringe like Bella Thorne, It's young, fresh and would look AMAZING on your face shape. You are so cute and can get away with almost anything, but now since you know your face shape, I'd suggest looking into getting a celeb hair role model. Find a celebrity that has your face shape and is always changing their hair. That way when you get bored, its simple...check out what your "hair role model" is up to for inspiration. Below are a few examples of Celebrities with the heart shaped face and fringes that would look fantastic with your face shape.

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