Great Product For My Shorties

So, you may have noticed my post the other week on KMS Spray Wax. Basically, I randomly came across it, gave it go and instantly feel in love. It's one of my must haves at the moment. To be honest with you, I've never been a fan of KMS products. I felt like there was nothing about the product line that really excited me, and usually when it comes to hair, that doesn't really take much. I love me some Keratase products, but if something works well, its simple...Ill use it.

The other day a product rep came by and dropped off some KMS Hair Play Messing Creme (4.2 oz). Normally I would be a total snob, take it and throw it aside. But considering I liked the Spray Wax I used the other week, I figured I'd give it a shot. My first client I used it on was Jeremy (photo below) and I loved it!! Believe it or not, this was the ONLY product I used in his hair during his appointment. Yup, the only product!! Now, without any product in his hair, his locks are pretty phenomenal, but its heavy, thick and usually weighted down.

I simply used a nickel size of the Messing Creme in the palms of my hands, applied after I towel dried his hair and blow dried it in. It gave texture, grip, volume and lift at the roots. The texture was gritty and dirty feeling, but just the way I like it. For women or men who have short hair, this product will work out beautifully as it will give you volume, hold, volume, texture and did I mention volume? LOVE!! I'm so glad I wasn't a snob to this product, as well as having my hair blog is really forcing me to try new products. Go me and go KMS for taking your hair care line to the next level!!

The bottle says to use it for the second day hair look and feel, I think they nailed it. Good job KMS, I may just have to try more of your new products!! Have you tried this product? Or will you?