Tiffe Fermaint 2013

Last Friday I got the amazing opportunity, to do hair for an American Fashion Designer named Tiffe Fermaint. She has been designing for over 13 years and her details on her garments, shows that she is certainly no beginner.  Tiffe studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Downtown Los Angeles in 2007. Inspiration for Fermaint’s designs comes heavily from her love of music. 

 Her inspiration for this particular collection is textured textiles, shine that empathizes on clean silhouettes and lines in her garments. This collection was eight looks including trousers, dresses, skirts, jackets and blouses. The details on theses garments were liteally out of this world! Her garments will be sold online through a London-based retailer that's launching soon. So make sure to look out for it.

Tiffe's inspiration for hair was a bit sci-fi, but she wanted to add a pretty touch to it, and that's why she wanted the hair team to incorporate braids. She asked me along with a fabulous  young hairdresser named Pricilla with  Palabra Hair Collective in downtown Phoenix and not only was Pricilla the cutest, she was an absolute pleasure to work with! Pricilla is new to the industry but definitely can hold her own when it comes to editorial hair.

  The makeup team consisted of Aeni Domme and Fernanda Aorozoco. With Tiffes collection having so many colors, Aeni didn't want the makeup to compete with the clothes but compliment it. This dynamic duo settled on a smooth blocked brow, contouring eye socket, a tad bit of mascara, lite blush and a multidimensional plum lip. Both Aeni and Fernanda tweaked the design a little between models to compliment their features.

So feel free to check out the video above and the behind the scenes photos below. Courtesy of an amazing fashion blog called describeyourstyle.com, that you gotta check out. 

And check out my 27 week baby bump below!!  Happy Friday!!