My Favortie Heat Protectant

It's no secret that I love me some high luxury products like Keratase. I chose the Nectar Thermique as one of my favorite things, because's pretty freaking amazing!! If you are anything like me, you may practically torture your hair with heat on a daily basis. With my locks being so blonde I have to be careful with not over doing it. A few months ago, I cut my hair on a pregnancy induced emotional whim, and I've been trying to grow it back out ever since. At the time is sounded like a genius idea, but then I realized it is hard as heck to bring you guys tutorials with shorter hair.

Now that I'm back on the growing hair out train, I have to use this little leave in conditioner, heat protectant cream slash miracle product called Nectar Thermique on a daily basis. This product protects my tresses from what I put it through on a daily basis.  I use an almond size amount and apply from the mid shaft of my hair down to the ends. The price of this product might be high, but its seriously worth its weight in gold. Plus, you pay for what you get, and this product is sooo highly concentrated in its ingredients, that a little goes a long, long way.

In love with Nectar Thermique? Then don't forget a chance to win it in My Favorite Things giveaway that ends next Monday. Also, learn about another one of my favorite products called Sugar Dust and KMS Spray Wax.

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