Amazing Amika Barrel Curler

Loving Amikas 3p triple Barrel curler!! The other week I got the amazing opportunity to use one of these Curling wands myself. Can I just say that I LOVE them!! Not only are they adorable, this barrel curler is extremely lite weight and easy to travel with. I've been in the hair industry for a long time, and this is the first time I've come across a tool this is so easy to travel with. 

It has 3 barrels that you can interchange for whatever look you are going for. You simply hold down the two release buttons, and the wand pops off, then you are ready to pop on a different size. This bad a boy also gets up to 400f and heats up in literally seconds. 

This is a must for me for many of reasons, but what I absolutely adore about this curler is that it comes with 3 different sizes. You can literally achieve any kind of look with one tool. Genius!! And, wanna know how to win it? Check out my My Favorite Things Giveaway ending this coming Monday. 

And I almost forgot, don't forget to pick yourself up a Amika Styler Cleaning Kit to go with your new tool. You have to treat your tools just was good as you treat everything else.