Curly Hair Dilemma

This weeks "Ask Jenny," post is from a lovely lady who has curly hair that is lacking shine. This is what she wrote in:

"Help!! Jenny, I have naturally curly hair that is lacking moisture and shine, which is what I'm aiming for. I have leave-in conditioner which I apply after my shower. I only wash my hair every couple days, I dry off my hair with an old tee instead of a towel and I air dry it. Also, I take short warm showers and apply conditioner generously. Do I need to put in a deep conditioner or use a diffuser? I want to try coconut oil if that will help with growth and health."-Nickayla

Nickayla, thanks so much for your question!! Wow, it looks like you have some gorgeous curls!! I first want to say that I think you are on the right track. It's so important for women with curly hair to only wash it every few days. This will help lock in moisture and help define your tendrils. The problem with women with curly hair and shine, is due to the cuticle being wavy. With the cuticle itself being wavy, its not reflecting light like a straight haired person would be, therefor resulting in lack of shine. But, there are a few products and tricks you can try.

First things first...starting from your hair regimen in your shower. A deep hair conditioner would definitely help with your issue. Are you using professional hair care products?? I'd highly recommend Bain Oleo Curl shampoo and Masque Oleo Curl hair conditioner. I personally work with both of these products on a daily basis, and have seen some really amazing results. Both products will not only help give the shine you are craving, they will help your curls get more definition without weighing your beautiful tendrils down. Another thing you could do, is rinse your conditioner out in cold water. This will allow your hair cuticle to lay down, which will help your hairs cuticle to reflect light, therefore giving your hair the shine you are lacking.

OK, so now you know what to do inside the shower, lets talk about what you do after you shower. Whoever gave you the advice of using an old tee instead of a towel to dry, is a good friend. Using a regular towel to dry, can actually add friction, static and frizz to the hair. An old tee works well by gently squeezing and scrunching the hair. Doing it this way will help prevent frizz, and will give you the shine you are dying to have. Now, as far as using a diffuser, Id say skip that part in your routine. Using a diffuser will bounce up curl, but can tend to add frizz, which in your case, will leave your hair looking dry.

Now, lets talk about product. I love, love, love Olea Relax Serum by Keratase. It's meant for frizz, but gives the hair tons of shine, while not weighing your hair down. Apply a couple pumps and apply roots to ends. I like applying this product and then taking 2inch sections and twisting the hair. This will give your curls gorgeous separation.

Don't have the budget for luxury haircare products? Well, I will say...that they do make a difference. With me being a hair dresser I have become a hair product snob, but to go off of you question about Coconut oil...Check out my YouTube tutorial on how to use Coconut Oil as a hair mask, but with your thick textured curls, use 2 tbsp and use a tad in your hair after you have used your old T-Shirt to dry it. 

Nickayla, thanks so much for your questions. I hope that I answered them for you. Please feel free to email me in the near future to let me know if these products and tips helped with your hair dilemma. 

Do you have a hair question you are dying to know? If so, feel free to email it in to me at jennystrebe{at}