Got Stubborn Baby Wisps?

Alright ladies, I'm doing my "Ask Jenny" post a few days early, because I'm so excited to be releasing the first of many video tutorials tomorrow and I couldn't be happier to show them off all this week, on top of that, I got this sweet little email from a lovely lady the other day, and I couldn't wait to answer her hair question. Her name is Filiz with an awesome blog over at Maramaramaiden which is an adorable lifestyle blog that you just have to check out.  

"Hi Jenny! I've been following your blog for a few months now and I just want to start off by saying, I think you are a total cutie pie as well as an awesome hair stylist. That being said, let me get down to business :) I have an "Ask Jenny" question for you. I have a heart shaped face (I think), with a serious widows peak (which means a wacky cow lick if I try to change my part). But my biggest problem is my hair is really thin at the temples. I sometimes refer to the area as "my bald spot." I'm not experiencing any hair loss, it's always been this way. Here's a recent picture . Do you see what I mean? What kind of hair cut is best for this type of problem? Have you ever encountered anything like this before? But seriously, help me please!"  Thank you Thank you, xoxo -Filiz

Hey there Filiz, thanks so much for your question and thanks for the compliments, I'm so glad that you have been enjoying my hair blog. I'd say your hair looks like it suffers from baby like hair wisps around your hair line. I definitely have come across this issue a lot and although it doesn't look that bad, there are a few things you can do to help them blend. Lets go over some of your options. 

I'd say that your best bet is add a fringe. The best type of fringe would be a Zooey Dechanel style of fringe. She also has a heart shaped face and with her fringe being rounded instead of straight across, this will help those stubborn short wisps around the face blend in with your hair better. Below are a couple of options. 

Not into Zooey's heavy fringe? Go for a lighter side swept looks like Nicole Richie or like Leighton Meester. 

Still not into fringes? Then I'd say, just make sure that your hair cut has a lot of soft layers around the face. This will allow the hair to move around the face, therefore blending the front layers into the rest of the cut. Also, stick with styles that have wavy and/or curly texture, this will also help the front pieces blend. If your hair is stick straight, it would just make the front wisps stand out more. 

I really appreciate your questions, and I hope that I've answered them. Thanks so much for viewing!!