Picture of the Week.

With all the excitement on twitter, the web and in general about "The Great Gatsby" I decided that my picture of the week will be one of the looks I did for the Scottsdale Wedding Walks fashion show. If you missed it, I did hair for  Jennyvi Dizon designs. She wanted a 1920's feel to the hair, so I did this fun finger wave look on my model Lindsay, but finished the look off with a bit of texture on the ends so that it gave it an edgy, editorial feel. 

Below, is a picture of Lindsay after I curled her hair and hadn't put the finishing touches on it. I took 1 inch sections and curled it tightly with a 3/4 inch curling iron. 

You then want to comb the hair downwards, as flat as possible to the head. You will notice that it will create an S pattern. Clip the hair down where it dips in and hairspray. I only did this to where the hair met her eyes, and then I back combed the bottom of her hair to give it fullness, and an editorial look to it. Below, is a finished look. Doesn't it look amazing??

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