Insecure Hair

There are a million reasons why I'm insecure about my hair right now. I know, a hair stylist self conscious about something they should know so well? Where do I begin..... With being preggo I decided to skip the bleach process and start going into a softer blonde. With my hair being so over processed aka fried from the bleach my hair has absolutely no pigment in it to even really take a darker shade of blonde. Luckily for me, the softer ombre or referred to lite root shading is very in right now. Which is what I got done the other day with Veronica Peeble's at Salon Stylush. (pic above) But, it's not so pretty when you are doing hair tutorials pulling your hair straight out. I about had a cow, when I noticed how trashy it actually looks in my beach wave video. *Sigh* 

Now I can assure you, I haven't gone months with out coloring my roots, my roots are naturally a level 7 (so fairly light) but we wanted to boost it up a level or two and stay away from the bleach. Since my hair is so over processed and doesn't want to take to color, we have been disregarding the ends a bit, and just retouching the roots with a highlift color to boost the base, while adding a fun, sexy, golden shades of blonde goodness. On top of that we have been doing a few highlights with bleach. Just to even out the bleached ends. I must say, I do love it....just not when I'm doing tutorials. wink... 

Why would I go through all the hassle for a different hair color? There has to be a easier way!! Nope, not in my case, I want my long locks again. I cut my hair on a whim, and now I'm growing it back out so I can get back to my long hair tutorials. 100% full women here right? Always so wishy washy.  Well with bleached out hair, its sooooo ridiculously hard to grow your hair. Sooooo, I'm back to deepening my blonde and taking vitamins. ( Well I guess I have to take vitamins with  being preggo and all.) Long hair, I will see you soon. 

Have you ever had an insecure moment about your hair?? It's the worst. Beautiful hair makes us feel so dang good!!