Dream Big

Yup, this is a confession of my own. I googled my name. With all my tutorials going around, I was just curious of what might pop up. Well good thing I did, because I came across these photos I did hair for last year. I only got to see a few pics and never knew what happened to them. Bad Kailas!! (He's my extremely talented photographer buddy) It was published on C-Heads Online Magazine.

Kailas was in town from New York last year, and went out to the desert to take these gorgeous pictures of this natural redhead named Katie. Katie's hair is absolutely stunning and its 100% natural. I know, because I'm her hair dresser. Isn't she hot??? grrrrr

These will be my pics of the week and all I did with Katies hair was use the Enzo Milano Curl Stick and took 2 inch sections at a time, I lightly hairsprayed each section with a medium hold hair spray. I then wrapped her hair around the curl stick, and with her hair being so long, it naturally weighed it down to give her these gorgeous soft "barely there" waves. LOVE!!!
Photography by Kailas  www.kailasphotography.com
Hair by Jenny Strebe
Makeup by Lorri Mitchell
Model Katie w/Ford AZ