Thin Hair Isn't So Bad

I've gotten a lot of emails and comments from women with fine, limp hair that want their hair to be fuller, thicker, voluminous and all of the above. If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I too have fine hair. But can I just say that I LOVE my fine/limp hair. I just got back from Vaca and spent today getting caught up doing the usually laundry, grocery shopping..etc. Yawn,  I know. All day I rocked a stupid hair scrunchy, yes I said it....HAIR Scrunchy. When the hubby got home we ran up to Nordstroms to do some shopping, I just pulled my scrunchy out and painted my lips red and I was ready to go. If my hair was thick, it would have had all sorts or crazy looking kinks in it, but with the use of my handy scrunchy and fine hair, it naturally just lays nicely after a day being kept up. After this scenario, I kind of had a epiphany..... I get so many women saying they are sooo bummed to have fine hair, but really they shouldn't be. We got it easy. Yeah, yeah...the grass is always greener, but hear me out. Look how great my hair looked after pulling my bun out.

Us fine haired ladies don't have to thin out our hair like crazy and its still thick. We just add a few easy thickening agents in it to add bounce, texture,fullness and we are ready to go. Up styles come easy to us because after a few bobbi pins, our hair will stay all night. We also usually are able to rock curly/wavy hair because our hair isn't weighed down from the thickness. 

Now don't get me wrong, women who have thick hair are extremely lucky as well, I just have to say that us fine haired women need to rock what mama gave us and embrace it, instead of hate it. So I challenge everyone to embrace their hair this week!!