Ask Jenny How To Bounce Up Curly Hair.

Well, I'm finally back from a long vacation to the NW to see my loved ones for Christmas. I apologize for not posting that much, but I was having such a great time up there, that it was nice to take a little break from hair and thinking in general. Today I'm back to the grind of things and starting it back up with my "Ask Jenny" posts. Today's post comes from a lovely lady named Katherine. This is what she wrote in:

"I have naturally wavy hair, I want my curls to be curlier...whats the best way without a curling iron?" -Katherine

Katherine, this is a great question!! Can I just say that I LOVE curly hair!! It drives me crazy when women with gorgeous curl want straight hair. So thanks for rocking what your mama gave you. There are a few simple things you can do to make your curl bounce a little more without utilizing an iron. Believe it or not, its an easy problem to fix. Its all in the way your hair is cut and in your styling techniques.

Alright, first things first, you won't get your curls to bounce unless you have a good haircut that works well for your hair texture. If your hair lacks layers, the curls will tend to be weighted down so there fore won't be very curly and full. Also, if you hair is thick, ask your awesome stylist to take some weight out of your hair to spring up your natural curls. Make sense. Pretty easy. ;)

A couple easy styling tips for boosting your curls would be in the products you use, as well as its all in your technique. I always like using a curl defining paste of some sort that will define the curl, help with frizz and boost the curl. I prefer the product Illumintating Curl by Pureology. Apply a nickel size amount in your palms and apply all over mid-shaft to ends. I also like to take 1 -2 inch sections and twist the curls, this will add definition  to your locks and help them form into ringlets instead of a frizzy mess. I then suggest either scrunching it with a towel, or defusing it with a blow dryer for maximum lift and  volume. If your hair is fine and doesn't hold curl well, you could always use a lite spray gel or mousse for hold and umpf. I'd suggest stay away from any mousse or gel that makes that hair wet looking. I love the volumactive mousse by Keratase. 

Now, keep in mind...every curly haired women's hair is different. If you hair is overly frizzy, thinning it out may not be for you. But I swear that the styling tips I gave alone will make a huge difference. Thanks again Katherine for your question.  

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