The Great Gatsby Hair Movement

Couldn't be more proud this week of the hair my coworkers at Salon Stylush rocked on Monday for Channel 12, Midday Arizona. Veroninca Peebles, Megan Peebles along side Kelly O'leary did a beautiful job with the hair for JennyVi Dizon's TV segment on Channel 12, to help promote the amazing Scottsdale Wedding Walk. When my daughter woke up sick, I didn't even have to panic as I knew these girls could hold their own. I was unable to make it Monday morning, but will have my chance to get my hands into some hair for the gorgeous Bridal Couture designer JennyVi for the news on Friday & Saturday. Then on Sunday I'll lead our team to do hair for the Scottsdale Wedding Walk this year for Jennyvi's designs. Oh, and I can't forget that I have to give props to the amazing makeup artist Stephanie Nault for doing a beautiful makeup job on the models. What a fantastic week, except for the fact my sweet daughter has been sick.

Jennyvi and I have been becoming good friends over the years and she took out some time to write a little bit about this years wedding trends. You have to read below, I'm excited for this year to do some fun 1920's inspired hair.

"The buzz this year was that the Great Gatsby remake is going to come out later this year with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and actress Carrie Mulligan. If you're familiar with the plot, the scene was set in the 1920's in New York. I loved the original movie with Robert Redford and I found myself watching this movie over and over throughout the years. I took much of my inspiration from this movie and applied it to my new line that debuts at the Scottsdale Wedding Walk. I was also inspired by a PBS British miniseries called Downton Abbey. As Downton Abbey enters it's third season and me being hooked from the very first episode, the series also enters the 1920's. It's uncanny that the Great Gatsby release date keeps getting pushed back due to the popularity of Downton Abbey. But in my mind the 1920's fashion we see through the Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey will impact the fashion trends and of course the bridal industry." -Jennyvi Dizon

And stay tuned for posts this weekend when we do hair for  Jennyvi and The Scottsdale Wedding Walk. If you live in Arizona, check out Channel 12 at 1pm today, Friday on CBS at 5:15am and Saturday on Fox 10 at 10:30am.