Hot,Tousled,Sexy Hair

Originally I was going to do my pic of the week of a hairstyle I created this morning for a CBS TV segment promoting the annual Scottsdale Wedding Walk with Jennyvi Dizon designs, but considering the fact I had to be there at 3am and It was only me doing hair for 3 models in an hour and I had to hustle, I decided against it as it may confuse all of my viewers because I didn't even know what I created. Ha!! It was just fast, but turned out awesome! Its all part of it I guess. I usually work great under pressure, but I was plain exhausted today. 2 hours of sleep plus 6 months preggo doesn't mix well.

I did however come across this stunning look on Jennifer Lopez today that I wanted to share. Now, I'm one for sexy, messy, soft hair and Jennifer nailed it at the her movie Parker premiere. This look is fabulous because its not over done and its sexy. Who doesn't love sexy hair? So this gorgeous look is my pic of the week and I'm going to give you the step by steps on how to achieve it. 

First of all this look is all about texture and volume. So prep your damp or wet hair with a mousse and a root boost for added umpf.
  • Blow dry your hair with an extra large round brush by taking large 2-3 inch sections.
  • Really focus on getting lots of volume on the top by holding the brush directly on the base of the scalp. Pull it down, will only make you lose volume.
  • Take a 1 3/4 inch curling iron and take large 3 inch sections. Clamp down at the mid-shaft of the hair and only curl the middle area.  ( this will give it bend at the middle and no curl at the ends)
  • Continue working your sections up the head until you have no more sections left.
  • Now, using your blow dryer on hot in your hand and a spray wax in the other spray and blow dry at the same time all over to give your hair lots of texture and separation. 
  • To finish this soft look, use a lite hairspray and now your out the door.
Would you rock this look??