Hair Tutorials In The Works....

Had such a wonderful day working on some of my hair tutorials with Sitewire. This is going to be such a neat opportunity bringing my hairstyle confessions to reality and I'm excited to see where it goes. Here are a few teaser shots from inside the salon today while we were filming some of my tutorials. Don't worry folks, these videos will be released shortly along with my new YouTube channel. EXCITING!!!

Below is a before and after of a natural hair care remedy I did on Jen over at LIKE HEARTED Blog. I bet after seeing her after photo, you are dying to know what we did.

Below is me sharing my hair expertise.

 Below is a sneak peak of a finishing look that I did. Isn't it gorgeous!?

And that's a wrap!! Stay tuned for details about my new YouTube channel. Also, your feedback is very important to me, so don't forget to check out my FEED BACK post I did the other day and feel free to comment.