Italian Stallion

Yay, even though my gorgeous client Anjelica is my age I feel like a proud mama! I've been doing her hair for almost 10 years now, and she finally let me put some color in it. Angelica has naturally level 5 dark brown hair. Her dark hair came from her Italian stallion background. She brought in a photo of Jennifer Lopez with Carmel highlights, and after a long consultation decided to go for not as blonde as Jennifer's. Doesn't it look great!?? I feel so honored to be the first one to add highlights to her hair, but I guess it better be me since I've been doing her hair for what feels like forever. Here's a before and after pic of Anjelica. 

I highlighted Anjelica with Goldwells 10 N color and it bumped up her hair a few shades and gave her a beautiful Carmel tone. We couldn't have been more pleased with her results. 

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