Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globe Hair.

I don't know about you, but I am still coming down from my Golden Globe's 2013 high. I unfortunately didn't watch it as I was busy filming my tutorials, but I got to catch up later with all the fun photos of the red carpet. 

The other day I posted on wanting to hear from my viewers, someone replied that they wanted to see me do a tutorial on Jennifer Lawrence's hair at the Golden Globes. So here it is.

This look is all about texture, texture, texture!! First start off my a good foundation to your hair by using a spray gel or a mousse for texture and hold.
  • Curl your hair with a 1inch curling iron taking 1-2 inch sections at a time. Spray a medium hold hairspray on each section before ironing.
  • When you reach the hair above the ear start curling the hair away from the face. It's important to curl the hair close to the scalp. This will create volume.
  • After hair is all the way curled, lightly brush the curls away from the face with your fingers.
  • Section out a section from below the ears from ear to ear, we will get to this section later.
  • Lightly tease with hairspray the hair going away from the face. 
  • Add a loose fishtail braid or two going away from the face.
  • Loosen fishtail braid by massaging the hair out of the braid.
  • Drop the section below the ear. Create a loose fishtail braid.
  • Loosen fishtail braid by massaging the hair out of the braid. 
  • Take your fishtail braid and create a large bun.
  • Pin bun into place using bobbi pins.
  • Take the top section and wrap the curls lightly around the fishtail braid. 
  • Finish this look off by using a firm hold hair spray and your out the door. 
Have a style you are dying to know how they achieved it? If so, feel free to email the pic to me at