Blonde Bombshell Shoots

What a wonderful and productive week. Over the years I've gotten the opportunity to meet some really rad people in the beauty industry. A few years ago I met Micheal Kailas and Jourdan Dudgeon when they still were living in the desert. Kailas is an phenomenal photographer and Jourdan is a makeup extraordinaire. Before they left the desert almost 3 years ago now, we worked on a bunch of shoots and felt we had a wonderful team, until they ditched me.....OK, I can't be bitter because they ditched me for NYC and are kicking some major butt. Yes, I'm totally envious of the dynamic work duo, but couldn't be happier for them. 

Kailas, and Jourdan just happened to be in town the same time, and connected with me for two fun photo shoots. This one was inspired by a beauty story, Kailas picked out the gorgeous Alexandra Smith to model. She is an exceptionally beautiful blonde bombshell who knew how to work the camera. For hair we did soft bouncy curls that she could mess up and play around with. Check out the photos below.

About half way into the shoot we added some of this fun comb in blue hair coloring that Kailas picked up at Urban Outfitters for five bucks. I'm not going to lie, this stuff was a little messy, but the results were well worth it. 

  I took small 1/4inch sections and worked in a few blue streaks so they would look like highlights.


The second shoot we worked on was shoot out in the desert and Kailas wanted the hair slicked back with a strong part. The shoot was taken out in the gorgeous Canyon Lake. Just take a look at this view!

So now of course, this fun team is heading back to NYC but at least I got a chance to work on some magic with them while they were in town. Feel free to check out their sites, as their work will not disappoint.