Ask Jenny How To Get Umpf In Fine, Straight Hair.

Hey lovelies, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We had a wonderful time here in Washington visiting my family. This holiday season I've felt overwhelmed by all the love being home. Its a truly great feeling. We also announced to the family on Christmas Day that the baby I'm carrying is going to be a baby boy. So its been quite the exciting holiday season. And we have been thrilled to share the news. 

So now, getting back to blogging....I'm going to start with my "Ask Jenny" post. Today's question is one I get all the time and I actually have done a a few posts on. This question comes from Anna. Here's what Anna wrote in:

"How can you make thin, straight hair look like it has more volume and umpf?"-Anna

Well Anna, thank you so much for your question. Like I said, this is a question I get all the time. Its all in the haircut, product, and how you blow dry your hair. Let me break it down for you.

Haircuts definitely make a huge, huge difference! Haircuts that work well are softly layered cuts. With fine textured, and straight hair, layers can look awful or too choppy if you aren't careful. I always recommend doing a seamless layer pattern in the hair so that it gives the hair movement, body but maintains thickness in the perimeter length.  When using my tips for blow drying, the layers will give the hair the umpf you are looking for.

Lets discuss products...... I feel like I'm a record player on repeat. I love, love products and usually always recommend the same ones. Sorry, but I love what I love. For fine hair, I can't get enough of TIGI's Root booster and Keratase Volumactive mousse. TIGI"s Root booster is like mousse for your roots. Spray at your roots and blow dry hair the opposite way you want it to lay for tons of volume. Keratase Mousse is amazing as it gives volume, texture, hold and leaves the hair feeling soft. On a budget? Use any kind of mousse for volume, but unfortunately I can't guarantee that it will give your hair softness and shine like the Keratase does.

Blow drying techniques are a huge factor in achieving maximum volume for thin hair. Make sure you blow dry your hair 80-90% dry before even thinking about picking up a round brush. If you start using your round brush when your hair is super wet, it will just stretch the cuticle and leave the hair limp. Also, blow dry your hair the opposite direction for maximum lift.

Make sense right? I swear by all these simple, easy to do tips for achieving maximum volume with fine, straight hair. 

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