Talented Friends.

The other week I was thinking about all the talented hairdressers and makeup artists I have gotten the chance to meet over the years. Many move on to bigger or better things, and some are still in the desert along side of me. I decided that periodically I wanted to showcase some of my awesome, talented friends, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet. 

Today, I want to showcase a special friend of mine named Sirene Evans. She and I started training at Toni & Guy many moons ago and worked along side each other for 5 years or so. Sirene, like a lot of my other talented friends decided to move on to better and bigger things and landed herself in L.A. and can I just say is kicking some serious butt out there with a celebrity clientele like Juillette Lewis, talented musician's and artists. I feel very privileged to have gotten to know her.  Sirene was sweet enough to give me a little bio. And if you are in the area of Los Angeles, this is a must go to hair girl with a natural ability to make your hair look fabulous. Don't believe me? Check out a few pics of her portfolio and a look into Orla Kiely's 2011 collection video by Mercedes Helnwein that she did hair for.  Enjoy!! 

My name is Sirene Evans, I am a L.A. based hairstylist with over 12 years experience in all things HAIR. I grew up in a small, very quiet, very conservative suburb in Arizona, living here I had to go elsewhere to seek out the things that interested and inspired me. Book stores and record shops were my only outlet in my younger years.. Here, I would get lost for hours researching art, music, design, architecture,fashion, music, photography as well as books on different time periods and cultures. I discovered that history, the arts and culture was very influential in
fashion and hair. At the time ( the 90's) my personal style was inspired by musicians like Radiohead, Bjork, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey and The Cranberries. These musicians always had the hair that i wanted but could never achieve. 

Growing up here, I didn't even know what hairstylist was. I knew of the woman in the local Grocery store shopping center that did haircuts for 7 dollars. She looked very
disgruntled and laughed at me when I came to her with an idea that i thought was very reasonable. This lead me to cutting my own hair. What I did not realize at the time was that all of this research was not just recreational or just a cure fore boredom. I sometimes walked miles in 100 degree weather to find these places, for me it was survival. It was the only place where i felt truly content.  I often wished i could just fit in with the conservative ideals and wondered why i could not just be content with my surroundings. I really did not have much to compare to.

 When I was 14 yrs old I was gifted my first salon experience and I met my first real professional Hairstylist. That was it for me, i knew exactly what i wanted to do and it could not happen fast enough! I ended up working for their salon 4 years later. I continued my career in Phoenix for 5 more years at Toni & Guy before moving to Los Angeles. I ended up right smack in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. This was the most spontaneous and ideal situation for me. All of the things that influenced my aesthetic in hair (all that research) was so well received here and put to good use. I had a million ideas and was so excited to try them out.This is when i started collaborating with artists. My hairstyles have been used in fine art Photography, drawings, paintings, music videos,clothing designers, even styled a whole orchestra once!

During the week, you can find me at Heretic Salon, where I rent a chair along with 9 other hairstylists. It is a gem of hair salons from the cute, trendy Los Feliz location to the fun clientele it brings. Here, I do all things that you can do to hair however, I'm known for my coloring/hi-lighting, curly haircuts and event hairstyling. Come see me!

You can see my work featured in drawing form, in the upcoming Mercedes Helnwein show 17,November at Merry Karnowsky Galley, Los Angeles.

Orla Kiely Clothing

Juliette Lewis

Kojii Heinwein
Photography by Reids Rolls

Spanish Vogue